John Doveton was neglected by his relatives of the house to which he belonged. One of his uncles, while making enquiries after his own dead brother Michael, (John's father) found that his brother's son (John Doveton) was a poor, friendless, orphan at a charity school in Madras. He succeeded in obtaining for his nephew a commission in the Army of the Nizam of Hyderabad in 1817.

John Doveton was an Anglo-Indian Captain Commandant in the Army of the Nizam of Hyderabad. Said to have commanded a regiment of the Nizam's Infantry, his rank must have been equivalent of a Lieutenant Colonel, though he is usually referred to as Capt. John Doveton, an illustrious name often mentioned in the history of the campaigns of Afghanistan, Mysore and Central India.

John's service dated from 21st March 1817. He rose to be Captain Commandant of the Seventh Regiment of Infantry, a rank next to that of a Brigadier. John Doveton not only rose in the ranks, but he also made himself a fortune which he took back with him to England after resigning his commission, he died on 15th October 1853.

John Doveton took a great interest in the education of the community and bequeathed a large sum for this purpose. He is the founder of the Doveton Group of Schools. He was an Anglo-Indian who played a significant role in the British campaigns in India.